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Poker Quarterly Tournaments 



Players may review their points for each event.  Points are updated on a weekly basis.  Top-32 players will qualify for each quarterly tournament.  Quarterly tournament prizes vary based on each location.  To review your current ranking simply click on the tournament of interest.  Tournament dates and prizes are posted in advance, which can be found on the rankings tab.

Point Structure

 Top-16 Quarterly Points             

 1st PLACE:       575                         

 2nd PLACE:     475                      
3rd PLACE:      425                       
4th PLACE:      375                        

 5th PLACE:      350                        
6th PLACE:      325                        
7th PLACE:      300                        
8th PLACE:      275                        
9th PLACE:      250                     
10th PLACE:    225                      
11th PLACE:     200
12th PLACE:     175
13th PLACE:     160
14th PLACE:     145
15th PLACE:     130
16th PLACE:     115

Top-10 Point Leaders

  • 1ST PLACE:      20,000

  • 2ND PLACE:    8,000

  • 3RD PLACE:    6,000

  • 4TH PLACE:    5,400

  • 5TH PLACE:    4,800

  • 6TH PLACE:    4,200

  • 7TH PLACE:    3,600

  • 8TH PLACE:    3,000

  • 9TH PLACE:    2,400

  • 10TH PLACE:  1,800

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Disclaimer: Games-R-Us will make every attempt to maintain a fun, friendly & pleasant environment for our players. We will not be held accountable for the conduct of any player who does not adhere to all of Games-R-Us policies. We may deny any player from participating at any Games-R-Us event that violates our policies. All events hosted by Games-R-Us are free participation, no purchase necessary. Games-R-Us adheres to all TABC and state laws.

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